Hawa Kitesurfing Spots

Hawa Kitesurfing Spots

With Hawa Station, you can access  3 different spots

"Hawa Platform at Soma Bay" & "Tobia Island" 

are our destinations for the DAILY KITE ADVENTURE and starting points for the accompanied DOWNWINDERS

"Hawa Station" Spot is just right in front of the station, where you can kite anytime!


Hawa Platform at Soma Bay

Our main Teaching & Freerider Spot

This Spot is perfect for beginners and freestyle kitesurfing

Very STEADY wind   SHALLOW water &   access to a HUGE riding area

Located almost in the middle of Soma Bay with 360° water, the spot benefits from a very steady wind. As there are no buildings in the back the thermal wind blowing from the mountains (north), becomes steady by the time he reaches the sandbank in Soma Bay - where we have anchored the Hawa Platform with access to shallow water.

The Hawa Platform at Soma Bay is your “home base”. On the platform we inflate your kite and help you with the set-up in the shallow water. When you need a break, jump on, have a cold drink out of the ice box & recharge!

Hawa Platform at Soma Bay
Hawa Platform at Soma Bay


  • Steady wind with least gust
  • The wind is usually 2-3 knots stronger than what the forecasts predict for Soma Bay, as most forecasts do not take into consideration the thermal wind
  • Shallow, flat & choppy water in a huge riding area
  • Low tides don’t affect the main riding area, while during high tides you can cruise on half of the submerged island
  • Join us for the accompanied 7 km downwinder back to Hawa Station!

How you BENEFIT as a student

  • shallow & flat water
  • Space to practice your new kitesurfing skills in a NON-crowded spot
  • SAVING ENERGIES & TIME: No much walking on the beach, the zodiac will bring you back to your starting point
Hawa Platform at Soma Bay

Tobia Island

For a change!

  • This spot serves as an alternative to our Hawa Platform at Soma
  • The Island is about 600 m long & 300 m wide with a white sandy beach and therefore a great place for setting up, launching and landing the kite. On the south-west side of the island you will find a limited area of shallow water and direct access to the open-sea, which is suitable for advanced Kiters - or for teaching parts of courses, like the kite set-up and the body-drag
  • The Spot is 6 km away from Hawa Station and as a Freerider you can enjoy riding the waves downwind back to the Station!
  • On the south-east side of the island is a coral reef which you can discover during a snorkelling trip, when there is no wind
Hawa Platform at Soma Bay
Hawa Platform at Soma Bay

Hawa Station

kite any time!

  • Right at Hawa Station at the beach of Menaville Hotel in Safaga, we have a  designated kitesurfing area
  • The launching and landing area is limited by the sunshades of the beach; therefore this spot is only recommended for experienced kiters
  • Once you are out of the bay (after 20-30 meters) you will find the steady wind and choppy water
  • About 1 km a bit downwind into the sea, you will find a lagoon with flat-shallow water, which is a perfect destination!
Hawa Platform at Soma Bay

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