Daily Kite Adventure

Every day we go for the Daily Kite Adventure to our main Freerider and Teaching Spot

"Hawa Platform at Soma Bay":

By Zodiac (small fast boat) - to catch the EARLY wind or
By Kite Boat - to benefit from a FULL WINDY day
- it DEPENDS...!

Winter Season

"Winter" in Safaga is from All Saints until Easter - in this time the wind forecast is not as accurat as in summer. To be more flexible and to catch the early wind we go by zodiac and come back to the station for lunch. In the afternoon, you can enjoy the beach or any other activity! In case that we are more than 8 customers we have even in winter the option to go by Kite Boat and enjoy the whole day on the spot!


DepartureReturnRide takes
08:4513:3015 minutes
ComfortFood Drinks
fast, bumpy and fun!Order your lunch at Hawa Station!FOR PURCHASE out of an ice box!
Price per day
You are…Price
taking a courseincluded
taking private lessons (at least 2 hrs per day)included
renting equipmentincluded
freeriding with your own equipment
Or check out our Freerider Spot Access Package Prices
20 €

Summer Season

Summer Season (Easter - All Saints) in Safaga is also the Windy Season, so we offer the Kite Boat every day! We have lunch at the boat and in case of low wind in the afternoon we go for snorkeling, wakeboarding or rayboarding.



Kite Boat

DepartureReturnRide takes
08:3017:002x 20 minutes
ComfortFood Drinks
Comfortable cruising, shade, toiletsINCLUDED - Enjoy a healthy meal on board - with at least one vegetarian dish & fruites served on our way backFOR PURCHASE - Lean back & enjoy your coffee / tea while cruising to the spot - Refresh & Chear-up with a cold drink!
Price per day
  • According to the wind forecast, WE PLAN TOGETHER WITH YOU, while staying FLEXIBLE to accommodate everyone's preference (early return possible)
  • Every morning we meet at 8:30 AM LATEST to start our Daily Kite Adventure
  • If you stay at a Hotel in Abu Suma or Soma Bay we can arrange for a pick-up to bring you directly to our spot & back to your hotel