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Daily Kite Adventure to Hawa Platform at Soma Bay

If the wind forecast predicts that the wind will drop early & we are less than 5 customers, we take the Zodiac (small fast boat). If we are more, we take the Kite Boat & according to your preference, you can stay for lunch and the rest of the day, or we bring you back to the station to enjoy the beach!

Nick Jacobsen & Cabrinha Egypt visit Hawa Safaga

The 2017 KING OF THE AIR CHAMPION, Nick Jacobsen holding an Air Style Clinic, giving tips on the all new 2018 CABRINHA gear & is just having a good time himself with his colleagues!

Windsurfing in front of the Station & in Soma Bay

A BIG THANKS go to our Windsurf customer & friend Raffael for this video!

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Hawa Station

Daily Kite Adventure