A perfect bay to learn windsurfing & to ride the Red Sea

No matter if you are young or old, complete beginner or you are already power-jibing:


Hawa means Wind in Arabic



Ride to the lagoon & enjoy the view!
  • Enjoy choppy water & waves up to 1,5 m
  • Designated Windsurf area at the 700 m long beach - but only 20 meters away from station
  • An island with flat water is just 1 km away - a perfect short trip! Or join a 6 km trip to Tobia Island!
  • Private lessons available
  • Well maintained equipment - FANATIC boards & NORTH sails

Windsurf Courses

Superb Conditions for Beginners!
  • A lot of space in shallow water
  • Save environment- designated area
  • Private or semi-private courses
  • Experienced instructors
  • No matter if you are young or old, we will get you safely on the board to explore the joy of windsurfing!

Wind & Weather

Average Wind speed of 15 knots in warm water with bright sunshine!
  • More than 300 wind days
  • Steady sideshore wind
  • Thermal winds make the wind 2-3 knots stronger than what the wind stations predict
  • Average water temperature of 23˚
  • Average air temperature of 28˚ C

Find out more: Wind & Weather

Hawa Station

Intercultural get-together with all facilities you need!
  • Beach Access, chill-out area with F&B Service
  • Free-wifi, accessories shop
  • Get-togethers in the evenings
  • Other activities at the Station & organisation of excursions

Find out more: Hawa Station    

Other Activities

Windsurf Courses


Our windsurf courses are being taught by our experienced windsurf instructors at the hotel beach.

Stages of teaching are: 

  • Introduction on the beach on equipment, safety, balancing on the board & how to control the sail
  • In the shallow water you start practicing balancing, sail control and how to change direction
  • Together with the instructor you ride into the Bay and experience yourself riding on choppy water
  • Once you feel comfortable you make a trip with the instructor to the close by island that has crystal clear shallow wate
  • You start professionalizing yourself by learning basic tricks like the "jibe", how to change direction quickly & in a stylish way!

At different stages you will be provided with different board and sail sizes and eventually with a harness. It all depends on your individual progress and comfort, while keeping your safety as the first priority


Courses / HoursLessonsPrice per person
Intro on longboard155 €
Basic beginner longboard3152 €
Advanced on foilboard185 €
Advanced on foilboard3235 €
Private lesson on longboard185 €
Private lesson on foilboard1105 €

Board & Sail Rental

Windsurf Riders and those who want to practice their skills at the Red Sea, benefit from a magnificant spot at Safaga Bay, right there where our station is located!
  • Our experienced staff will help you choosing the right board & sail size according to the wind condition
  • According to the wind conditions, you can change board and sail size anytime
  • We have a great range of “North” Sales and “FANATIC” boards

Advanced Board - Rental Prices

1 hour40 €
2 hours70 €
1 day 100 €
2 days190 €
3 days 270 €
4 days340 €
5 days400 €
1 day10 €
1 week50 €
Insurance covers sail and board damages but no fin loosing or fin damage

Beginner Board - Rental Prices

1 hour25 €
2 hours45 €
1 day60 €
2 days 114 €
3 days162 €
1 day8 €
1 week40 €
Insurance covers sail and board damages but no fin loosing or fin damage

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