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No matter if you are a complete beginner, took already a course

or if you are already enjoying freestyle riding:


Hawa means Wind in Arabic


Kitesurfing Courses

International STANDARDS and LEVELS

  • We teach all our Kitesurfing Courses according to the Standards of the International Kiteboarding Association (IKO) and with IKO licenced and experienced instructors.
  • According to the IKO, there are 3 levels before advancing to the Instructor Level :

Level 1 – Discovery          Level 2 – Intermediate

Level 3 – Independent


  • Hawa Safaga offers Courses up to IKO Level 3, which is the level to aim for, in order to ride anywhere with confidence!
  • A standard full beginner course to reach IKO level 2-3 is 12 hours
  • In general, each individual has different learning needs and different learning speed, while experience with board sports may be of an advantage for faster progress
  • SEMI-PRIVATE OR PRIVATE (maximum 2 students per instructor) -unless we have special group requests.
  • If you book a course with us and it happens that there is no other student starting with you at the same level, you will be taught privately and 1 lesson will be counted as 45 minutes. Otherwise, you will have a buddy and each lesson will be counted as 60 minutes
  • Full equipment and access to teaching spot by Zodiac (small fast boat) is provided - upgrade to Kite Boat possible find out more: Daily Kite Adventure / Kite Boat
  • Only 1 teaching language within your course: English, German, French or Arabic - other languages upon request

Prices: Beginner / Refresher Courses

Hawa Safaga Course IKO Level / ClassificationlessonsdaysPrice
Beginner 11Discovery31165 €
Beginner 21-2Intermediate62315 €
Beginner 32 Intermediate93460 €
Beginner 42-3Intermediate - Independent123-4595 €
Refresher 12-3Intermediate - Independent31165 €
Refresher 22-3Intermediate - Independent62315 €

Prices: Combi Packages – Course + Rent

PackageIKO LevellessonsRental daysTotal daysPrice
Beginner 4 + full equipment rental for 1 day*2-31215695 €
Refresher 1 + full equipment rental for 4 days*2-3345523 €
Refresher 2 + full equipment rental for 3 days*2-3635594 €
Days of rent*: After completing your course, additional days (during 1 week)

Private lessons


  • When taking private lessons, you benefit from full adaptation to your individual learning needs and fast progress
  • Each private lesson is 60 minutes
  • Full equipment and access to teaching spot by Zodiac (small fast boat) is provided
  • At beginner - intermediate level, a minimum of 2 hours per day applies

You want to learn:

  • New moves & tricks
  • How to jump

with 100% attention to you!

Please note, that we do not teach unhooked moves or jumps, only upon special request in advance!



Course LevelPrice per hour
Discovery - Intermediate75 € incl. equipment
Advanced55 € excl. equipment



  • Tips and feedback to adjust body position to better perform upwind riding or improve on style
  • Learn new moves & tricks
  • Learn how to jump

→ Your coach will explain, demonstrate and give you feedback

→ Might take you for a ride out to the open water to gain confidence

→ Might take you for a downwind ride back to the station

→ He/she might take a small video so you can see your performance

→ He might have another student to coach / teach. If you want 100 % full attention to you, private lessons are recommended



Advanced lessonPrice per hour
semi private45 €
private55 €

What you are looking for is not listed? We are happy to make a personalised offer!