Freerider’s Adventure







  • Practice free-riding & free-styling with 360 ° WATER around you, nevertheless close to the shore & recharge your energies on the PLATFORM!     check out: Hawa Platform at Soma Bay
  • Feel SAFE with a lot of SPACE & with the rescue zodiacs always ready to help / bring you back
  • Join us for a FREE accompanied 6/7 km downwind ride back to the station!
  • Jump on to the KITE BOAT & enjoy a 2nd kitesurfing session after lunch or choose any OTHER ACTIVITY or RELAXATION option   check out: Daily Kite Adventure / Kite Boat      Other Activities
  • Benefit from our coaching and private lesson options to enhance your riding skills, learn new MOVES and TRICKS   check out: Private Lessons   Coaching

Rental packages and equipment

  • You can change your kite size anytime according to the wind condition
  • KITES: We have newest Cabrinha kites (Switchblade and Radar)
  • BOARDS: We have different board brands and sizes for beginners and advanced riders, including strapless boards
  • ACCESSORIES: Our accessories are from different brands, mainly NP, ION and NORTH Kiteboarding

We have special accessories for females and children (starting from 35-40 kg)

  • Prices Include:
    • FULL equipment
    • Spot access (all 3 Spots)

Main Spot: Hawa Platform at Soma Bay

For a change: Tobia Island

Kite any time: Hawa Station

Find out more: Hawa Spots

  • Beach assistance (inflating the kite, set-up, launching & landing),
  • Rescue service 

Prices: Rental Packages

Days Price  
1 day85 €
3 days within 1 week240 €
6 days within 1 week360 €
9 days within 2 weeks540 €
13 days within 2 weeks600 €
Upgrade to full day Kite Boat (including lunch) per day15 €
Find out more: Daily Kite Adventure / Kite Boat

Prices: Individual items

Hours / DaysKiteBoardKite & BoardInsurance (for Kites)Accessory - EACH: Impact vest / wet suit / harness / shoesAccessory - EACH: Helm / Safety LeashAccessories package
1 hour15€8€23€5€5€5€10€
2 hours30€15€45€5€5€5€15€
1 day 40€20€60€8€5€5€15€
3 days within 1 week120€60€160€20€15€15€35€
6 days within 1 week200€100€260€35€25€20€60€
9 days within 2 weeks320€150€400€50€35€25€90€
13 days within 2 weeks400€190€500€70€45€30€100€

Coming with your own kite equipment

  • Enjoy FREE storage in our locked storage room
  • We can arrange a transfer to / from the station on your first / last day
  • Join us for the Daily Kite Adventure / Kite Boat or kite in front of the station
  • Every week, we offer 2 times an accompanied downwind ride for FREE back to our station
  • Prices Include:

    • Spot access
    • Rescue service
    • Beach assistance ( inflating the kite, set-up, launching & landing)

Prices: Spot Access with own equipment

DaysHawa Platform at Soma Bay or Utopia Island Hawa Station at Menaville Hotel Beach
1 day20 €15 €
2 days40 €30 €
3 days60 €45 €
6 days110 €80 €
9 days within 2 weeks160 €120 €
13 days within 2 weeks200 €140 €
Upgrade to full day - Kite Boat - per day
20 €25 €
Find out more: Daily Kite Adventure / Kite Boat

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